Preferred Payments – Payment Processing Made Simple & Secure

Preferred Payments has over 10 years of experience as a trusted payment processing provider. Our powerful tools are designed to help businesses of any size grow and flourish.


Accept standard magnet stripe transactions as well as the new EMV Chip and even tap and pay with a variety of mobile wallets.


Secure payment processing with a virtual terminal or on your website with our integrated shopping cart.

Point of Sale

More than just payments. Run your business with the reporting and analytics tools through our Point of Sale solutions.


Go where your business takes you, flexibly accepting both EMV chip and swipe card payments on all iOS and Android devices.

Preferred Pricing

Traditional payment processing will take your business on a long, tedious journey past salesman, supervisors, processors, and more middle men than you can count.

Preferred Payments is a one-stop solution between you and your money, saving both time and fees.


Whether you run a restaurant, clothing store, or health center, payment processing with Preferred Payments has got you covered.
We can provide you with the perfect tools to run your business and save money.

The Chip Card Mandate is Here.

We are here to help with the transition

  • This effects all businesses in a card present environment.
  • Liability shifts to your business if you are not chip compatible.
  • Chip cards help prevent fraud and chargebacks.


Virtual Terminal
Set up recurring payments, automatically update expired cards, and set up ACH & echeck to debit customers

Fraud Management & Security
Chargeback management, tokenization, AVS protection, and secure transactions

Integrate your current shopping cart for easy checkout, manage inventory online & storefront, or build your own online store with our services

Mobile Payments
Accept EMV, mag stripe and contactless payments on any mobile device

Cloud based accounting software to access real time reports anywhere, anytime

Loyalty & Analytics
Customize a loyalty and rewards program including email marketing. Compare sales and spending trends

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Omni-Payment Platform

Whether its an EMV card, mag stripe card, or mobile wallet, we give you the ability to accept any type of payment immediately, backed by our encrypted hardware and software.

Magnetic Stripe

In addition to the many benefits and latest technology, all equipment can still accept the traditional magnetic stripe card.

EMV Chip’n’Pin

Now that chip cards are in the US market, all of our equipment is deployed EMV ready, whether it’s a countertop terminal or a mobile device.


All contactless payments are supported with our equipment including Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Android Pay.



Barcodes, also known as QR’s allows you to accept and receive payments from Smart Phones & Mobile Devices.

PIN Debit

Gain access to the Pin Debit network with our built in or external pin pads. Our equipment makes this process very easy.


Accept digital currency and digital wallets instantly, securely and conveniently. This process will be safe and comfortable for any transaction.