There is a reason why is our most common gateway, with its integration abilities, great customer service, no upfront cost, and multiple features; it is by far one of the best gateways out there. Best of all its for free. It is used for website and ecommerce integration, virtual terminal, mobile payments, and in store payments with their application and encrypted card reader. focuses on customer service, security, fraud prevention, mobile payments, extensive reporting, and most of all integration. integrates with more websites, shopping carts, and POS systems than any other gateway which makes it a great solution for so many merchants and businesses. also offers many free add on features such as simple checkout, recurring billing, customer manager, multiple user accounts, fraud prevention, and e check processing.


Integration – has the ability to integrate with almost any shopping cart, pos system, website, and equipment. is extremely versatile.
Popular Ecommerce Integrations: WooCommerce, OpenCart, Volusion, NEON, BigCommerce,
Mobile Payments – offers a free mobile application that will run on any IOS or Android device with the option of using an encrypted card reader. The application is easy to use, secure, and reliable. The application can run on wifi or data which enables you to accept payments on the go, anytime. The mobile application can accept digital signatures and email receipts.
Customer Service – receives 5 stars in customer support. The staff is highly trained, easy to get a hold of, and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to needing help or having questions answered. also offers 100’s of tutorial videos on their website that will walk you through all of their features and functionalities.
Simple Checkout – offers a feature called Simple Checkout which allows you to build a button on your page which then takes your customer to a secure hosted payments page. Simple Checkout is fully customizable in terms of what the button says, such as “pay now” or “donate”, and the payments page can be fully designed by you with your logo, company colors, and specific payment fields. Features
• Free Gateway
• No Setup Fee
• Easy Integration
• Accept Payments on the online, through the phone, and in person
• 24/7/365 Customer Support
• Fraud Detection
• Recurring Billing
• Customer Management
• E-Check Processing
• Simple Checkout
No Contracts
• Free Smart Device Application
• Quickbooks Integration
• Free Video Tutorials
• Multiple Logs in and permission settings for management and employees
• Online Reporting
• Automatic batch times


Preferred Payments has been a leader in the credit card processing industry for 10 years, providing our customers with competitive rates, unparalleled customer service, and the highest quality technology.