10 08, 2017

Solutions For Nonprofits To Cut Fundraising Costs, Increase Security

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Many of the needs of non-profits are the same as regular merchants. They can both benefit from integration, the ability to accept different currencies, and the built in security and flexibility that comes with today’s range of payment processing systems. And like other sectors, non-profits have had to adapt to changing times and meet the [...]

7 08, 2017

Best Security Practices For Accepting International Payments

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Most business owners want to reach the widest customer base possible, and this will oftenmean selling directly to a global audience. Serving a broader range of customers has its obvious advantages such as expanding your customer base,potentially increase your profits and building awareness of your brand. However, this wider audience can also lead to a [...]

3 08, 2017

Gas Station Merchants: Here’s How To Lower Costs, Maximize Profits

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Some gas stations owners choose not to accept credit card payments, preferring to accept cash or debit cards instead. However, as the credit card is the preferred way to pay at the gas station, as a rule they are widely accepted. That doesn’t mean that owners are always getting the best deal for their gas [...]

2 08, 2017

POS Systems vs. Traditional Payment Terminals

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As a merchant, you have two main means of collecting payments: point of sales systems (POS systems) or a basic terminal. Both POS systems and terminals allow you to accept card payments, which is essential considering the volumes of customers who prefer to pay by card. However, there are some considerable differences between the two [...]

27 07, 2017

New Study Unveils U.S. Manufacturer Digitization Progress

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New research involving 200 U.S. manufacturers shows the progress that is being made by the U.S. manufacturing sector to turn digital. The study, which was conducted by Longitude Research for Siemens, looked at digitization progress in numerous areas, including data, connectivity, integration and security. As part of the study, researchers spoke to a variety of [...]