eChecks: Why Businesses Should Offer This Secure Payment Method

As a small business owner, you know that it pays to ensure every courtesy is extended to customers. Doing so increases the odds that they [...]

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How to Avoid Being a Victim of Check Fraud

It can be nerve racking to write a check because of the various stories that you here about check fraud. Luke Mullins wrote an article on money.usnews.com that explains 5 ways that you can avoid being a victim to check fraud. His first suggestion is to write check sparingly. Luke explains the danger of using too many checks which have your address, phone number, as well as your bank account number listed on them. In addition he further explains this danger by stating that it is unknown what the companies do with your check after it has already been processed. […]

Why Your Business Plan Should Include eCheck Processing

You already know the value of accepting credit and debit cards. Many of the customers who drop by your store or order from your website [...]

Processing Check Payments: Making the Most of Risk Management Resources

While some shop owners have stopped taking checks as payments, you don’t like the idea of placing that limitation on your customers. At the same [...]