Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur Quickly

Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes a ton of hard work and dedication. Many entrepreneurs take years to become successful. Even more entrepreneurs never achieve success. [...]

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Entrepreneur Success: Mistakes to Avoid

As an entrepreneur it is important to keep an eye out for mistakes made by other entrepreneurs so that you won't make the same mistakes [...]

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Small Business Trends to Follow

Creating a small business that is successful and thriving can be difficult. That is why it is so important to pay attention to trends that [...]

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5 Common Mistakes You do Not Want to Make as a Small Business Owner

If you are a small business owner, it can be very beneficial to learn from other small business owners’ mistakes. David S. Bunton wrote an article on huffingtonpost.com listing 5 common mistakes that small business owners make. The first mistake that David mentions is making decisions based off of a short term goal, rather than making plans for the long term of your business. He further explains the importance of planning your company’s growth rather than focusing on saving a few bucks up front. […]

Here are Some Signs That You Should be an Entrepreneur

Many people would like to be an entrepreneur but their fears hold them back. There are some signs that determine your destiny to be an entrepreneur so that you can put your fears aside and begin to chase your dream.  Sujan Patel’s article on inc.com discusses these 12 signs as well as explains what they have to do with entrepreneurship. The first sign that Sujan lists is having the drive to constantly reach for new achievements. He continues to explain that entrepreneurs are never satisfied with something being good enough,  therefore they are always trying to create new goals that can be achieved. […]

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