Cyber Security Awareness Month

Technology is a huge part of society. All the transactions and private information that is stored as well as transferred on various devices makes cyber [...]

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Protect Your Business From These Fraud Schemes

There are so many different forms of fraud. It can be difficult as a business owner to keep track and prevent all the different fraud [...]

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Credit Card Fraud: How To Avoid It

In today's society barely anyone carries cash on them anymore. That is because of the convenience of credit cards. Almost everyone has either a credit [...]

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Protect Your Business From Employee Fraud With These Tips

It is important to know how to protect your business from fraud, especially fraud from your employees. Joe Worth wrote an article on entrepreneur.com That gives 4 tips to protect your business against employee fraud or theft. The first tip that Joe lists in his article is to establish a code of conduct. Having a written document explaining the proper way for employees to act at work, as well as consequences for not following these rules, will help your business lower the chances of employee theft or fraud. After creating your code of conduct, it is important to make sure that every employee reads and signs this document. […]

EMV Equipment: To Serve & Protect Your Business Against Chargeback Fraud

That has been the question since October 2015, and 10 months later most small to mid-size businesses still have not made the switch to new [...]

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