Restaurant POS System: How to Own a Successful Restaurant

Owning a restaurant takes time and hard work. In order to make sure that all the hours that you are putting into your restaurant pay [...]

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What You Should Never do as a Restaurant Manager

Managing a restaurant can be an extremely fast paced, and stressful job. Through dealing with all the customers while making sure that the restaurant is running smoothly it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Through all the chaos of managing a restaurant, there are certain things you want to make sure not to do. An article on buzztime.com lists 10 things that you need to pay attention to as a manager of a restaurant. The first thing that the article talks about is mistreating employees. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the stress of the fast paced environment, but that is no excuse to treat an employee poorly. […]

Use These Tips to Effectively Manage a Restaurant

Managing a restaurant can be an extremely stressful job. Dealing with cranky customers, and keeping track of all the inventory can get overwhelming sometimes. Lorri Mealey’s article on thebalance.com discusses 10 things to focus on when managing a restaurant. ¬†One of Lorri’s suggestions is to have a POS system to help track inventory, sales, and cash flow. She continues to explain how POS systems can help a restaurant manager see which menu items are more popular than others. As can be seen POS systems provide many benefits to a restaurant manager. […]