Check Guarantee

Check Guarantee allows you to process check payments in-store and online utilizing risk management tools to minimize returned checks and offer the payment choice to your customers.


Accept check payments with the industry’s highest level of protection against fraudulent and returned checks. Check Guarantee uses the leading risk assessment technology and extensive consumer negative activity databases to evaluate the risk of accepting a payment.

Reduce Processing Costs

Improve Cash Flow

Streamline Back Office Reporting

Reduce the risk of lost stolen or damaged checks

Offer customers a payment method they prefer

Protect customers from identity theft

Key Features

  • Convert checks to electronic transactions at the time of sale to streamline processing.
  • Accept Checks on terminal or computer.
  • Electronic authorization and settlement of all types of checks.
  • Electronic Deposit.
  • Save time and reduce expenses by depositing checks electronically.
  • Enable customers to securely make payments over the phone from their checking accounts.
  • Engineered for maximum functionality within a minimal footprint.
  • Industry-recognized MICR and check imaging technologies to consistently deliver precise MICR read rates and premium images that are fully compliant with industry standards.