Ingenico iPP 310 Pin Pad

The iPP 310 Pin Pad is a multi-payment system that will integrate seamlessly with a plug and play installation to your iCT 200 series terminal. With Ingenico you can accept EMV and pin transactions along with ApplePay and Near Field Communications (NFC) contactless payments. Like its counterpart terminal, the iPP 310 is among the smallest and lightest pin pads on the market. This pin pad is designed for daily use and features a large backlit keypad, and a small footprint that won’t clutter your counter space.


Compatible – iCT 200 Series Terminals
Wired or Wireless – Wired
Terminal Connectivity – USB
Card Reader – Smart card, Magnetic Strip, Contactless
Emv- Yes
Applepay- Yes
NFC- Yes
Color display- No
Size- 6.61”x 3.26”x 1.57”
Weight- 9.52 oz

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