Mobile Payments

Features Include:

 Ability to add tip.

Electronic signature.

Email receipts.

Employee and Management log-ins.

Inventory tracking.

Cash Payments.

Real time reporting.

Accept payments through Wifi or Data Connection.

Our Mobile Device allows for EMV Acceptance, Mag Stripe, Apple Pay, Pin Debit, and the ability to accept all card brands.


Did You Know?

  • Only 37% of U.S. merchant locations are fully equipped for EMV card acceptance.
  • 61% of merchants still store unencrypted payment card data.
Accept payments from anywhere with Preferred Payments EMV mobile solutions. Take advantage of our secure mobile solution for your iPhone, iPad, and Android to boost your ability to sell products or services anywhere you go.


Employee and Management Log-ins
Create different log-ins and privileges depending on who will be running your transactions. Each employee can have their own log-in.

Add Tip
Give your customers the option of adding a tip by either selecting a percentage of the bill or a dollar amount.

Electronic Signature and Receipt
Have your customers sign directly on your smart device and enjoy the ease of emailing them a receipt.

Access your reports on both your smart device or through a portal to keep track of sales, batches, returns and refunds.

One Stop Solution for Reporting
Whether you process cards in your store, on your website, or on the go with our mobile solution, all of your reporting will be synced in one place so that you can review your totals.

Tips and Tricks!

Preferred Payments offers EMV compliant and NFC capable mobile devices that attach directly to your phone or tablet.

In need of a mobile POS system to track inventory? Look at Clover Go and Clover Mini.

Sync and consolidate your mobile sales with your storefront sales.

Did You Know?

Mobile payments are forecasted to have a 210% growth in 2016.

In 2013 Mobile revenue amounted to more than 38 billion US dollars.

US Mobile Payments will grow from 52 billion in 2014 to 142 billion by 2019.

It is projected at mobile commerce revenue in the US is to present 50% of all US digital commerce revenue by 2017.



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