POS Partners

Preferred Payments is a relationship based company and we take pride in the partnerships we have established. Building strategic relationships is what business is all about. We proudly value all of our POS partners and we strive to provide you with outstanding customized services that fit your business model. We find great value in creating mutually beneficial relationships. As your partner we will represent you with integrity because we understand that you are putting your own reputation on the line, and we are a direct reflection of our partners.



Preferred Payments has partnered with associations across the US to bring both the association and their members discounted rates and specific benefits that are geared towards the association’s members. From marina associations to wine associations to large nonprofits, we believe it’s important to create trustworthy relationships, and we understand that we are the direct reflection of the companies we partner with. If you are interested in finding out more about the discounted rates & services we offer POS Partners, associations and their members, please email Info@PreferredPayments.com or call 800-935-9309.


Some Benefits Include


Discounted Corporate Rates


Direct Account Represantative


Free Rate Review


Discounted Hardware


24/7 US Based Service


Preferred Payments has partnered with a large variety of software companies across all industries. We understand the value of having that perfect software and the investment each business makes when choosing their software. Preferred Payments wants to make the switch as seamless as possible, we have done this by creating partnerships with direct API’s and SDK’s so that we can easily integrate our services without making changes to your front end. From PCI compliance, to secure servers we will directly integrate with your specific software, customizing our API to fit with you.



Direct API’s & SDK’s


Developer Support


EMV Integration


PCI Compliance


Discounted Corporate Rates

If you are interested in learning more about our partnerships, please email Info@PreferredPayments.com or call 800-935-9309.

Tips & Tricks


  • Dedicated Red Carpet developer for integration via API & SDK.
  • Preferred Payments offers discounted rates and specific benefits for all of our POS partners.
  • Preferred Payments partners with software’s to assist in seamless EMV integration.

Did You Know?


  • Partnerships increase revenue by 157%

Source: Sitepoint.com