In B2B Transactions We Trust. But First, Verify!

The shift towards ecommerce as a preferred buying platform means B2B businesses have also had to catch up, and this has led to a significant [...]

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Are You Doing Enough To Encourage B2B Ecommerce Transactions?

B2B ecommerce transactions has shown considerable growth, and it is a sector that continues to be in demand. Currently, it is outperforming the B2C and [...]

February 16th, 2017|Categories: Payment Processing|Tags: , |

B2B Transaction Trends For 2017

There were some significant changes in B2B transactions throughout 2016. In keeping with the demand for faster payments, ACH payments got quicker, mobile commerce gained [...]

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Chain Unchains Open Source Developer Platform

A San Francisco-based technology company has announced the launch of its Chain Core Developer edition. The release is an open source version of Chain’s distributed [...]

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Fed Task Forces Analyze Faster Payments

Two Fed task forces are currently reviewing proposals to make payments faster and more secure. The faster payments task force, which was established by the [...]

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