VeriFone VX 805 Pinpad

The VX 805 is a contactless pin pad that offers NFC and EMV functionality. The 400 MHz ARM11 processor gives off lightning-fast processing performance and this devise is certified with the latest PCI EMV Level 1 & 2 Compliance standards. This devise is very easily used as a handheld payment devise and works perfect as a countertop pin-pad solution. This devise is equipped with the VeriShield end to end encryption and tokenization capabilities. Program function keys also offer additional features.


Terminal Connectivity – USB & Ethernet
Card Reader- EMV, MagStrip
Emv- Yes
Applepay- Yes
NFC- Yes
Color display- No
Size- 6.22” x 3.27” x 1.24”
Weight- 9.6 oz


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