Perfect for Quick Service Establishments and Cafes


Preferred Payments keeps your rates low while giving you the functionality you need.

All Accounts Receive Next Day Funding, Reporting and Analytics, Batch Settlement Reports, Paper and Electronic Statements, and Direct Account Representative.

Countertop Terminal
  • EMV Chip Cards, Mag Stripe, Signature & Pin Debit, EBT, and Gift Cards
  • Apple Pay & Samsung Pay
  • Daily Batch Settlements
  • Ethernet or Dial Connection
  • Add Tip

Bluetooth and Wireless Terminals
  • All features from the countertop terminal
  • Completely wireless and your choice of Bluetooth or Cellular Service Connection
  • Home base for charging


Point of Sale System
Need a more robust solution that offers a large variety of functionality? Preferred Payments works with over 50 Point of Sale systems and software. Take a look at our reviews here, we can set you up with any system that include our discounted pricing on software and hardware.
POS Quick Serve Features
  • Employee management and timeclock
  • Custom menu building
  • Add tip & gratuity
  • Emailed Receipts
  • Rewards & Loyalty Programs
  • Inventory Management

Tips and Tricks!

Use mobile line buster devices to interact with customers and keep lines moving.

Provide loyalty and gift card options to your valued customers to give them an incentive to return.

Accept Apple Pay to keep your line moving quickly.

Did You Know?

In 2015, the quick service restaurant sector generated 273.0 billion U.S. dollars in consumer spending.

40% of responding smartphone payment users used their device to pay for food and drinks in a quick serve restaurant.


33% of 25-34 year olds say they expect to use their smartphone to pay at restaurants.